Focused Dry Fire Training

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Focused Dry Fire Training

Casey Ryan walks us through how to structure a dry-fire training session to ensure you are being efficient with your time.

Casey Ryan walks us through how to structure a dry-fire training session to ensure you are being efficient with your time.

Each session should focus on only a few specific movements or drills. If it can be broken down into smaller, more digestible elements, it should. You will get more repetitions in and allows your brain to focus on one element at a time.



1)  Think ahead!  Have a plan for your dry-fire session.  Pick a couple topics, themes, or manipulations that you will focus on for that session.

2) Break it down into bite-size elements.  Your brain is only capable of focusing on one thing at a time.  In order to learn something new, you must be focusing on that thing.  Complete many reps of each element so that it is burned into muscle memory.  See video for example, see below for more examples.

3) Add all of the elements together once you feel comfortable doing each part at speed.

4) Incorporate these complete elements into a more complete course of fire.  If you are a beginner or intermediate shooter, these should be the exception, not the rule.  90+% of your dry fire time should focus on fundamentals.  Advanced shooting is purely application of the fundamentals at an extremely efficient level. 

Other examples of skills that can be broken down into bite-size elements:


1) Stance 2) Moving strong hand to grip, establish strong hand grip, support hand ready to receive 3) lift the gun to clear the holster and drive muzzle downrange as soon as you can. 4) Accept the gun with your weakhand and establish proper grip 5) Drive gun onto target and into eyesight. 6) Focus eyes on front sight, pause for acceptable sight picture 7) pull the trigger without disturbing the sights. 7) Call the shot 8) Follow-through

Shotgun quad load (strong hand method):

1) Break the shotgun off the shoulder and use strong hand to ensure buttstock rests over shoulder 2) Move strong hand to shells and grab hold (look at caddy) 3) grab shells from caddy and line first two in line with port 4) thrust first two shells into port, following through with them, don't "short stroke" the load and fail to push shells past catch 4) repeat for second two shells 5) Rotate support wrist while driving gun back on target, reestablish firing hand grip


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