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Casey Ryan

Let me introduce you to Casey Ryan. I first met Casey in 2014 at the NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis. Actually, it was at a seedy motel outside of Indianapolis where our friend got hotel rooms for us to stay in kind of last minute. I flew in about midnight and crawled in bed and woke up to his smiling face saying "Hey, I'm Casey"... i shook my head. Casey has been a great friend ever since. The fact is, in addition to being a great friend, Casey is a phenomenal shooter as well. Casey is a pistol shooter and 3 gunner from Atlanta, GA. He has been shooting competitively since late 2013. Known for his quick speed and movement, he occasionally hits a target or two as well. Lt. Ryan enjoys the good company, the competition, being outside for the entire weekend, and the stage breakdown challenge that action shooting provides. He utilizes a JP CTR-02, TTI M2, and STI Eagles as well as Invictus Practical shell caddies, Blade-Tech holster, and a bunch of other accessories that he got from Stage Zero Shooting Supply.

Casey is also an active duty Security Forces Officer in the Air Force. He currently resides behind enemy lines in Kaliforniastan as he completes a Masters in Security Studies. He is hoping to be back on the East Coast sometime soon though!