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Brian Hampton

Meet Brian! The talented Mr. Hampton has had the opportunity to travel and represent the good 'ol U.S. of A. on the world stage! Brian was part of the Jr. Team that traveled to Italy to represent the USA at the IPSC World Shotgun Championship in 2015 and placed first Jr Team. Brian is also a champion Air Rifle Shooter with multiple national records that he obtained while shooting for his H.S. JROTC Air Rifle Team, won the Jr. Olympics twice, Inter-service JROTC Championship and more. Honestly, too much for me to list! I get approached all the time about people wanting to be sponsored, and there are many i wish i could sponsor, but the fact is i just can't do it. However, if you have ever had the pleasure to meet Brian, you know exactly why i asked him to join the team. Brian is an example of what this country needs most in its young men. Strong, polite, respectful, hard working, trustworthy, dedicated, and he loves this country! Brian will be entering his Sophomore year at the University of South Carolina at Columbia and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, following in his fathers footsteps. After college Brian plans on joining the military to serve! We would tell you to go kick Brian in the shin, but Brian has put some size on since going to college, so we wouldn't suggest it!