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Mike Sexton- Salesman of the Year

Meet Mike! Not only is Mike a Professional 3 Gunner, he is also one heck of an instructor and Salesman! Mr. Sexton is a fountain of knowledge and experience when it comes to the shooting sports. When we have a question, we ask Mike. He not only answers all of our questions, but the questions of many new shooters as well. Mike offers private 1 on 1 instruction for those who really want to focus on improving their 3 Gun, pistol, or long range game. Mike is our go to guy for building all of our competition AR's for customers as well. What can we say, he's a man of many talents. One of the great things about Mike, is he thoroughly enjoys helping others get involved into the world of competition shooting. One of the ways he does this is to ensure they get the right equipment for the best price and with, hopefully, the best customer service experience possible. He does this by recommending that they get their equipment from us here at Stage Zero. That is why Mike is our Salesmen of the Year! Well, that and he threatened to run us over with his rascal next time we were on the range if we didn't make him the Salesmen of the Year.

Thank you for all you do Mike!