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Ashleigh Flowe- Volunteer of the Year

Meet Ashleigh! If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ashleigh yet, I hope you do soon. If you buy something from us online, there is a good chance Ashleigh boxed it up and shipped it to you. Or if you have bought something from us at a match, there's a good chance you paid her on your way out! Have you noticed the nice paint job on the inside of the trailer? Ashleigh did that in 90 degree heat in August with only a lot of complaining! The fact is, without her, it'd be a bit harder to provide the customer service we do, make it to the matches we do, or enjoy shooting while at matches while she "mans" the tent. Even more important, she does it all without getting paid! She literally volunteers her time! That is why she is our Volunteer of the Year! (side note.... she previously did this with the intention of getting a ring very soon as payment. Well, considered her paid in full (as evidenced by the last name!) Now she gets to help just because she loves me. lol.

Thank you Ash!!