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Match Details and Registration

The 2020 Pro-Am 3 Gun Championship at Clinton House Plantation will be September 25-27, 2020. We will have 9 stages of natural terrain fun. It will be both physically and mentally challenging for both Pro's and Am shooters alike. We will have long range out to 500+ yards, a few obstacles or items to carry, and plenty of side matches! All of the side matches will be $5 per run and the proceeds will go to benefit Memorial 3 Gun and the families of fallen Soldiers. So whether you shoot the match or not you will be able to come out and put some rounds down range and have a great time doing it!

Registration will open on Practiscore on January 1, 2020 at 8 pm EST.

In case you were wondering, this is not the same match nor is it intended as a replacement for the Rockcastle 3 Gun Pro-Am Championship. We love the Rock, Nick, and Nate and hope to continue shooting up there and supporting them in whatever capacity they continue to operate in.

The 2020 Pro-Am 3 Gun Championship at Clinton House Plantation will be a true Pro-Am pairing a Pro-Shooter with an Am-Shooter for the match. They will squad together and the Pro will be able to help the Am throughout the entire match. The Pro will be able to coach, teach, and mentor the Am shooter through all stages. They will be able to tell them they missed targets, are missing high or low, and can even hand them extra ammo if needed. Pretty much anything goes except shooting the stage for them! The Pro will not be allowed any help or coaching while they shoot the match. Awards will be given based on division finish for both Pro and Am, however, the prize table will be walked in order finish using a combined Pro/Am score. We are also going to be arranging training classes for the Am shooters the two days prior to the match. Timney Triggers have come on as the first sponsor of one of the rifle classes. That means 5 Amatuer shooters will be able to sign up to take a Rifle class from Pro Shooter James Breeden prior to the match...FOR FREE!! We are hoping to open up many more slots and add Pistol and Shotgun classes to the mix as well.

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