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We are excited to announce a new match for the 2020 shooting season.  We are going to do a true Pro-Am match format with a random pairing of Pro shooters with Amateur shooters. 3 Gun is a dynamic and exciting shooting sport that incorporates rifle, pistol, and shotgun that has been dramatically increasing in popularity. At a normal match, most amateur shooters have little opportunities to interact with, let along squad with and learn from, Pro shooters. In the spirit of a true Pro-Am format, Pro and Amateur shooters will be randomly paired to shoot the match together. Pro shooters will be able to help “coach” the Amateur shooters on each stage. Whether an Am shooters needs a Pro to call their misses and give them adjustments on long range, tell them they ran past a target, didn't get a hit, or bring them ammo if they run out...all is fair for the Am's! (except having the Pro's, or anyone else, shoot your targets!) However, the Pro's are on their own.

We are hoping to add training opportunities leading into the match to help the Amateurs learn and prepare for the match so they can give their best effort for their Pro as well!

Of course, there will also be an abundance of opportunities to shoot side matches! All side matches will be $5 and the proceeds will go to the Memorial 3 Gun Foundation! We will have the Memorial 3 Gun Shootoff which will be your traditional 3 Gun shoot off stage not to mention a couple of speed shooting side stages for rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Who will be the fastest Pro? What about the fastest Am?

This is going to be one match you won't want to miss in 2020!